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Frequently Asked Questions
A pub that prides itself on community and tradition is bound to be asked similar questions as the years go by.  This page is an attempt to answer some of the frequent questions that arise in the Maggie McGuinness Pub but also that the Pub receives from this website.  Please note, we will be posting more questions in the future; however, if you don't see one and would like it answered, please contact us:
Why should you not call the pub a bar?
As we always say, there is a bar in the pub, but the pub is not a bar!  So, what is the distinction?  A bar tends to bring together similar types of patrons focused on activities to include pool, sports on TV, a rock show, etc. while a pub is about community that brings together varied types and is focused on creating an inviting atmosphere that is conducive to discourse and interaction among the pub patrons.  So, if we are called a bar, then we are failing -- maybe our spice of entertainment has become too much, or our music has become too loud, or (and we don't see this happening) we have allowed mass games to be played, the TV to be on, or some other activity that has moved the focus from community to activity!
What is that burning on the Pub deck?
We are very fortunate to have found a direct Ireland distributor of Irish turf/peat and that is the nice smell that you are experiencing out on the Pub deck.  Irish turf/peat is from the bogs of Ireland and is decayed fermentation that is dug out and dried and was originally used as a source of heat within Irish homes and pubs.  To this day it is still used in some places; however, most Irish homes are now heated in other fashions.  However, the aroma is very fragrant and unique and reminds many of traditional Irish pubs in Ireland and is why the Maggie McGuinness Pub burns it out on the Pub deck.
Are you Irish?
YES -- enough said, right?  Well, being Irish, we can say a little bit more that follows suit with the question -- no, our parents did not have a Pub when we were growing up, we were Irish from the day we were born and are proud to be Irish every day!  The Pub did not happen over night -- the Maggie McGuinness Pub has been around since 2001 and has gone through two different locations and plenty of changes and there are more planned changes to come!  But, to make it simple, YES we are Irish and the Maggie McGuinness Pub is a Proud Irish American Pub!!
Where did all of the Pub's Irish stuff come from?
I know, this one really suprises us as well - you would think that over 10 years of existence would give you plenty of time to collect different Irish memorabilia to display in the Pub - but, the question does continue.  I think the real thrust is the magnitude of the Irish memorabilia.  So, when we get a question along these lines, we always say that the Pub has been around for a little over 10 years, but the Pub owners have been Irish their entire lives!
Where did Maggie McGuinness come from?
Believe it or not, this is not as frequent a question as you would expect since neither of the owners last name is McGuinness -- but, it does come up.  The Maggie McGuinness Pub is named after the owners' cockapoos (the Maggie McGuinness Pub mascots) Maggie and McGuinness.  Of which, outside of large Pub events, you will normally see the pub mascots out and about in the Pub!
Why when you first come to the Pub do you have to get your picture taken?
Tradition is the easy answer but why that is tradition is a bit more wordy.  Basically, the Maggie McGuinness Pub is honored to have patrons first and foremost and wants to make the first experience that much special by giving a little token of the Pub and getting your picture taken.  But, also we want to try, as best we can, to keep a history of all of those that have come to various Pub events and gatherings.  So, please consider it an honor because that is what it is intended as!  And, once you have it done and, in the future, are asked to step aside for someone to get their picture - you will, more than likely, smile and think back to the first time you came to the Maggie McGuinness Pub!
So, what is CRAIC?
Good question, the Maggie McGuinness Pub slogan is "Serving CRAIC & IRISH PRIDE until the end of time" -- the Irish Pride part is self-explanatory -- we are proud to be Irish and support many Irish endeavors.  However, the CRAIC....well, it is pronounced "CRACK" - but, that is not what we are getting at.  Craic means "good times" -- and, that is what we want to deliver to all of our patrons -- a truly good time that they will think of fondly for years to come!
Why do you only play Irish Music in the Maggie McGuinness Pub?
I know, tis very hard to believe this is a question, but it is.....simple answer, we are an Irish Pub.  But, to elaborate a bit more -- the one thing that we can't stand is to go to a nice Irish Pub that has worked hard on the decor, seating, and everything else but is piping in rock music other than Irish music -- just makes us want to get up and leave!  So, what is our playlist in the Pub -- well, out of 10,000 songs, we have about 2,500 on the playlist that range from instrumental, trad rock, traditional, irish language songs, and the like that provide a nice mixture similar to our patrons to foster discourse.  And, we try to make the playlist where you could sit and enjoy the music or have it be a nice atmosphere for engaging with other pub patrons!
Why is it so dark in the Pub -- if you changed out some of the green lights, it would be brighter?
Tis true, tis true, but it is by design and not by fault.  The green lighting is to celebrate the Irish but also to provide more subdued lighting.  We do have brighter lights for behind the bar for safety reasons.  But, for the seating area, the lighting is intended to be darker than a traditional setting to make a comfortable setting that fosters discourse and community -- and, so far it works....well, outside of trying to capture video in the Maggie McGuinness Pub!!!!
Do you have to drink in the Pub?
One of our favorite questions, because we get to say one of our favorite sayings in the Pub with a big wink in our eye:  drinking is not required, it's just highly encouraged!  But, on a more serious note, you never have to drink alcoholic drinks - we provide plenty of nonalcoholic selections and there is never pressure to drink any of the alcoholic selections.  And, yes, we love to do rounds of "To the IRISH" regardless of the drink in your hand!  But, if you join in and are drinking something stronger than water, the Pub has a breathe analyzer and can call you a cab!  The most important thing is to drink what you want to drink and to have fun...but, if you drink something stronger than water, then be sure you Drink Responsibly!  We don't want the CRAIC to only be for one night because you end up doing something you regret, we want to keep Serving the CRAIC and IRISH Pride until the end of Time!!!!!  So, drink responsibly or have a designated driver!!!! 
What is in the Pub Punch?
Ahhh, the Maggie McGuinness Pub Punch!  The Pub worked hard on creating its own Pub Punch and we are always glad when we hear this question because it means our hard work has paid off and people are enjoying it!  The only things we will say are that it is alcoholic and there is something green in the Pub Punch!  
The Pub events are great, but I hear that Pub also hosts meetings?
One of the proudest things is when we have the opportunity to support organizations that are working to provide for the community through charity or whose missions is to share the Irish heritage with the community.  And, with that, we are very honored to currently provide the use of our Pub for the Irish Society of North Alabama meetings ( and the Ancient Order of Hibernians (
I see a TV behind the bar, but why is it never on?
Yes, there is indeed a TV but it is NEVER ON during a Pub event because that would run counter to what we are trying to achieve.  For the most part, the TV is used for small gatherings to watch Irish DVDs for cultural learning.
Is it true you can be banned from the Pub?
Sadly, it is true - and, something that is very rare and that we do not enjoy at all.  So, how does one get banned from the pub - well, three ways - the first is obvious, if you steal from the pub, purposely damage the pub, or are violent to pub patrons or make the majority of pub patrons uncomfortable - you will be banned.  We pride ourselves on having pub patrons that expect a safe and comfortable environment and look forward to enjoying the atmospere of the Pub that comes from the decorations in the Pub.  Unlike most Pubs we have a lot of knick knacks and the like out and about because we trust our pub patrons and some very nice decorations on the walls - but if you break the trust, then you affect the whole concept of the Pub.  Items on the walls should not be touched because they could be damaged and items on the tables should not be taken - pretty easy concept.  And, violence in words and deeds is unacceptable as is making most pub patrons feel uncomfortable - people should feel free to have discourse and interactions without worry.  The second way, if you continue to say anti-Irish comments or are deroragatory about the Irish organizations the Pub supports you will be banned.  Tis fine to have disagreements and discussion about particular items in Irish history or current Irish events - however, to have a specific anti-Irish view does not fit in with the Pub - we are a proud Irish pub!  You don't have to be Irish nor are you expected to be Irish to enjoy the Pub or for the Pub to enjoy having you in the Pub - but, if you are anti-Irish, the enjoyment will not exist for you nor the Pub!  The last way, if you continue to make derogatory comments about drinking, you will be banned.  We are a Pub and there will be drinking.  Now, the Pub doesn't expect anyone to drink alcohol and fully provides plenty of non-alcoholic selections; however, the Pub knows that some enjoy a pint or two while embracing the Irish culture and does not feel that they should feel uncomfortable to have a pint in the Pub and trust us, anti-drinkining comments make people feel uncomfortable and pretty much ends the CRAIC!  Remember we look forward to having drinkers and non-drinkers in the Pub because the great part of the Pub is to build a community and a community exists by bringing together different people.  So, as we stress no pressure for non-drinkers we insist on the comfort of both in the Pub!  Luckily, very few over our history have been banned because for the most part, people come to the Pub with a warmness in their heart and are looking forward to sharing the Pub experience with others!  And, the Pub enjoys having the variety of individuals to the Pub!
Why is there no location or address on the website?
Tis true, tis true, there is no location nor addresss; however, this is by design and not by fault.  The Maggie McGuinness Pub is a private Irish Pub that opens for only a handful of pub events during the year as well as several small gatherings as well as supports different Irish organization meetings.

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