Maggie McGuinness Pub
Serving CRAIC & IRISH PRIDE Till the End of Time


The Maggie McGuinness Pub

What are we about?

The Maggie McGuinness Pub began as an idea to bring the ideal concept of an Irish Pub into reality here in the United States.  A pub that would be distinct from a bar (although there is a bar in the Pub, but the Pub is not a bar) that is focused on discourse and community, where different types of people would come to enjoy a tasty beverage and some lively discussion while enjoying some Irish music within a great atmosphere of Irish decorations and history punctuated by a unique blend of tradition, service, and connectivity......the Pub has slowly evolved and continues to evolve to meet the ideal!  We are constantly adjusting the playlist, the decorations, the drinks, the clientele to ensure that we continue to move closer to the ideal!  And, we have two main traditions that have carried through the times -- one, we attempt to give all new people a pub souvenir and get their picture behind the bar in the pub and, second, we maintain the path to become a Maggie (a true pub regular) where you work your way up pub items and then become a Maggie!

Since 2001, it has been a great journey and we have moved ever so closer to the ideal and continue to strive for the ideal to be a pub that everyone enjoys, remembers fondly, speaks often to others, and are excited to return!

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